Who I am
My name is Barbarella Silke Buchner, and people generally call me a “geek girl”. From the first days of the internet becoming openly available to the public in around 1995/6 back in the UK I have been learning about and using it on a daily basis, starting with building my first personal website in 1997.

Coming from a musical background, my creativity turned out to stretch further than just writing songs, and I soon found myself creating website backgrounds, button sets, logos and other graphics for my own and other people´s websites.

I am self-trained from books and internet courses, plus having been taught the basics of taking apart and putting back together a computer from scratch by a friend in 2001. Since then I have been keeping myself up to date with the latest developments in web design, software and new computer technologies, the latter including spyware and virus removal, installations, repairs and upgrades. 

I have recently completed a Social Media Marketing course with distinction. Click on the thumbnail below to see my diploma. 

Social Media and ORM Diploma


My Skills
I have advanced knowledge of HTML, XHTML and CSS and also good working knowledge of Flash design, PHP and creating and working with databases (mySQL and phpMyAdmin). I am expert using Dreamweaver, Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop, as well as Adobe InDesign.  I prefer to write my own HTML code rather than letting an editor do it for me.

However, these days setting  up more dynamic websites is something I do using the WordPress CMS (content management system), with templates and graphics that I then customise to suit the customer´s taste and requirements.  Joomla is another CMS that I use when the website job requires it, and of which I have many years of experience.

On the graphic design side, I create logos, posters, flyers, brochures, menus... you name it, and I have done so for local businesses (and further afield) for more than 5 years now.   I also do small jobs for individuals who would like, for example,  a personalised and unique Christmas card, poster or photo collage done, plus I can be booked for photography sessions with kids, pets, for weddings and other special occasions

Social Media is extremely important these days, and I can help you set up and manage your Facebook page and Twitter or YouTube account (just to mention a few) to gain more likes and followers and interact with your customers. I also give lessons to teach you how to use your social media accounts effectively and drive more traffic to your business. 

My working motto is: "Always be professional, but approach everything with a sense of humour"

For my photography skills, please visit Catnip Camera.